When you bring your child to Dr. Gregory, you’ll get to see what that childhood looks like. Dr. Gregory and the whole staff at TLC Dental Care will give your child the same insights into their preventive check-up as you get when you have yours, at a level appropriate to your child’s age and ability.

Imagine what childhood would be like if you weren’t afraid of the dentist.

Full pediatric dentistry for your child.

  • – Gentle brushing / rubber cap teeth cleaning
  • – Fluoride treatments
  • – Annual checkups for toddlers
  • – Dental care education
  • – Growth and development evaluations

What happens if my child gets a cavity?

Hopefully with good eating and dental habits that won’t happen, but if it does we’ll help you take care of it.

As a parent, we’ll make sure you understand your options for your child’s dental care, so you can make an informed choice of how to proceed. For your child, we’ll help explain so it’s not scary to get a filling.

Children look to parents for cues about new and different situations. By being an informed, fearless parent, you can help your child avoid dental fear.
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