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  • October 5th, 2016
TLC Dental Care Las Vegas
Giving TLC Dental a five star rating was an easy decision.

The video on the TLC Dental Care website talks about Dr. Gregory’s goal of creating a small town feeling in her office. I felt that during my first visit. Everyone was very polite, professional, and attentive on providing what “I” wanted.

Unlike every other dentist I have had since I arrived in Las Vegas in 2007 (I’ve moved three times), Dr. Gregory and her staff “never” once attempted to “upsell” me to do additional treatments or screenings. If you’ve been to a dentist in the Las Vegas valley, you know what I am talking about. Instead, they did exactly as I requested and no more. I love that. For me that reflects the character and integrity of the doctor and the staff. It instantly shot their creditability and likability with me past a 10!

Here’s another thing that I liked. The staff, including Dr. Gregory, regularly says please and thank you to each other and to patients. That is a pleasant and positive way of doing business.

Lastly, the timing of their billing to my insurance company was very quick. They must have submitted my claim on the same day I was there because it appeared in my online account within a week. No other dentist that I’ve had in Las Vegas or Henderson has been that efficient. (Don’t get me wrong though, I’ve come to love Nevada.)

Although Dr. Gregory is very professional and focused, she also has an easygoing (small town) style and she does not have that typical “I am a doctor” attitude. She is also well educated, knowledgeable, and skilled. The work she did on my teeth looks fantastic!

It’s important that I also mention that the dental hygienists are excellent as well.

If there were a modern day Mayberry (The Andy Griffith Show), I would expect to find a dental office there just like TLC Dental Care.

I highly recommend Dr. Gregory and TLC Dental.

Brad S